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Moira MacTaggert is slowly dying – X Deaths of Wolverine # 1 Spoilers

Looks like things continue to go downhill for Moira MacTaggert as seen in X Deaths of Wolverine # 1 by Benjamin Percy and Federico Vicentini.

Before we proceed, SPOILER ALERT

spoiler alert photo

While the book is a Wolverine mini, the focus of issue one is on Moira MacTaggert who was kicked out of Krakoa by Mystique and Destiny and saved at the last minute by Cypher at the end of Jonathan Hickman’s Inferno. Moira gets teleported to her native Scotland where she’s on the run from Mystique who is still out to kill her for what she did to her and her wife Destiny and what she plans to do to mutants after secretly founding Krakoa together with Charles Xavier and Magneto.

After coughing up blood…

… she goes to the US to meet with Dr. Jane Foster aka Valkyrie who breaks the bad news to her, that she has cancer.


It’s also there that Mystique tracks her down and she escapes but not before being caught by the CIA’s X-Division.

Moira’s part ends with her escaping CIA who want to take her to be used as a means for the US government to learn all the secrets of the mutants of Krakoa. They were also right to think that she knows things. Let’s see how this is going to go for Moira.

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