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X-Men # 17 Review

Jonathan Hickman continues to unravel a world that is slowly being changed by the X-Men and the mutants of Krakoa and this time we revisit Shiar Empire. Here’s my review for X-Men # 17 by Hickman and artist Brett Booth.

We’ll be doing spoilers here so SPOILER ALERT:

spoiler alert photo

So Xandra, the young empress to be has been kidnapped and the Shiar empire particularly Deathbird has called in the help of the X-Men to find the future empress. Cyclops, Marvel Girl and Storm make their way to Chandilar where they touch base with New Mutants member Sunspot and Cannonball. Jean finds one of the accomplices and they track the Xandra with an very zealot-y Stygian with a hammer. Storm saves the day and Smasher calls in the other Smasher class soldiers working under her. The issue ends with Sunspot giving away the money he earned and the Shiar empire owing a debt to Storm that she can use anytime.

Now for my bullet points for my X-Men # 17 review.

  • You’ll love the book if you’re a fan of Wildstorm art because Brett Booth came in swinging with this issue. The linework is awesome plus he draws aliens, hunky men and gorgeous women all damn well.
  • The subplot with Sunspot continuing to making it big in space continues in this book and we’re also quickly reminded that Deathbird and Sunspot are an item already. The whole money thing is definitely coming to play in later books I suppose.
  • I love that this issue gave Storm some time to shine once again. It’s always been Cyclops doing cool stuff in the field so now, having Storm saving the day is just a great thing to see.
  • I like the political undertones that the book is saying. Not too preachy but just enough to sate your hunger for political intrigue which has been part of the X-books.
  • Cannonball’s wife Smasher also gets a nod here which is a good thing. Seeing her boss around the other Smashers is also cool and dark too as she knows that one day she would fall too and will just be as easily replaced by other Smasher class soldiers.
  • Effin X-Factor costumes in this issue was such a rush.

If you’re missing the good ol’ 90s definitely pick up the issue for the art alone. Plus we get another story where Storm finishes strong too.

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