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Guardians of the Galaxy # 13 brings back classic uniforms with new members and HQ too

New will be the operating word in the upcoming issues of Guardians of the Galaxy as Marvel has revealed new details for upcoming issues starting with Guardians of the Galaxy # 13 of the book feature Star-Lord aka Peter Quill and his ragtag team with the only difference being they’ll be back to wearing matching uniforms!

So an upcoming cover reveals that the now-iconic lineup will be back namely Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Groot and Rocket Raccoon will be present. Peter’s a little bit different since he came back from the dead and maybe that also rearranges his brain to bring in the classic costumes for the team. Don’t get me wrong, I love this because I loved DnA’s Guardians run back when they were a powerhouse team in space.

New team members


It also looks like there will be at least two new members for moving forward (three if you count Nova, but he’s already in the team as early as issue 1). That would be King Dorrek aka Hulkling and his husband Wiccan.

The cover also reveals that Gamora’s into guns now aside from the usual sword.

Still unsure on whether or not Super Skrull will also be joining but if you followed Marvel’s Empyre event, you’ll know that he’s going to be a constant figure beside Hulkling especially since he’s become the king of both the Skrulls and the Kree.

Or maybe this could be another case of the book having two teams running concurrently. Remember when Donny Cates was doing GoTG, he had a “Dark Guardians” team also starring in the books. The other team consists of Quasar, Nova, Super Skrull, Moondragon and Phylla Vell.

New HQ

Al Ewing, who will still be writing the book, has stated that he doesn’t want to spoil where the new base of operations would be for the cosmic team. So it’s likely going to be a big part of the plot. Here’s to hoping they go back to Knowhere from the DnA run again.

Speaking of Ewing, here’s what he had to say about the new direction for the team.

Guardians of the Galaxy, both the book and the team, are going to be stepping up a gear in 2021, With villains the team have never faced, guest stars you never thought you’d see, and a new teammate you can’t even begin to believe – all coming together for a crisis that’ll shake every planet in the Marvel universe down to the bedrock… maybe even a backwater planet like Earth.

Here’s the solicit from Marvel’s April 2021 solicits:

“A New Age of Space starts here! They were soldiers, misfits, mercenaries, thieves, and a family. They were heroes… but times have changed. The galaxy no longer needs heroes. It needs superheroes! Now, when the call goes forth – whether it’s from a stranded team of planetary explorers or Emperor Hulkling and his Kree/Skrull Alliance – the Guardians of the Galaxy answer!

The New Age of Space brings a new artist! New headquarters! New costumes! New teammates! And an all-new enemy you’ll have to see to believe! Get on board, true believer – it’s going to be the ride of your life!”

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