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Captain Marvel Casting Call Possibly Referencing Important Skrulls

Captain Marvel won’t be up till 2019 but the film is well underway soon. Right now though some bit of Captain Marvel news particularly a look at potential characters in the film namely the Skrulls.

So here’s the casting call’s character description plus who I think they could be based on Marvel lore.

[Alpha] Female, 20-49. Fight experience. Dance or gymnastics preferred.

This could be a casting call for Skrull princess Anelle…

Anelle’s a Skrull princess who fell in love with the original Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell, a role played by Jude Law. Together they have a kid, the Young Avenger Hulkling.

If this would be Anelle then she won’t be a damsel-in-distress as casting requires experience in fighting. That or she could double for some stunts somewhere in Captain Marvel.

[Delta] Male, 20-49. Must be over 6′ tall, and muscular.

The first thing that comes into my mind would be Klrrt aka the Super Skrull but since the character’s neck deep in Fantastic Four lore, we go for the next big thing – Titannus.

Too bad though that we won’t be getting Super Skrull as it would have given us a look at how formidable Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel would be.

[Supporting Male #2] Male, 35-45, a chiseled, cocky guy who is large in stature, but not as big as Delta.”

I share the same belief that this would actually be the Skrull emperor Dorek VI. He’s the guy who was involved in the Kree-Skrull War where the Avengers were involved.

It’s either these Captain Marvel casting call news are legit or these are simply for bit roles.

What do you guys think? Leave a comment at the bottom.

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