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David Nakayama shows off Marvel Legends art for upcoming Bonebreaker wave

Artist David Nakayama shows off these awesome Marvel Legends Bonebreaker BAF Wave featuring Vulcan, an updated Havok and more.

There are a number of X-Men characters getting new figures and getting new art courtesy of David Nakayama who I consider a favorite artist of mine right now. For starters we got Vulcan aka Gabriel Summers aka the third Summers brother.

There’s also his big brother Havok aka Alex Summers who will get getting an updated look complete with great plasma accessories to really show that he’s using his powers.

And lastly we take a look at another new Wolverine figure now featuring the superheated claws which was around the time they brought him back to life in the Return of Wolverine story line.

Check out the rest of the artworks posted on Hasbro Pulse’s Facebook page.

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