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Square Enix gives more details for Spider-Man content on Avengers game

After so much delays, Square Enix has finally unveiled their plans for Spider-Man content on Avengers game which has been out for awhile now on the PC, Playstation 4 and Playstation 5.

Here’s what we now know so far about the Spider-Man content on Avengers:

  • Spider-Man is releasing as part of the Spider-Man: With Great Power Hero Event in Marvel’s Avengers, which will tell the story of Spider-Man through unlockable challenges.
  • In Spider-Man’s story mode, Peter Parker discovers that A.I.M. plans to acquire tech that would make their robot army invincible, prompting Spidey to join forces with Ms. Marvel and Black Widow, who remain unaware of his identity. One of Spider-Man’s big conflicts throughout his journey will be whether to stay a solo superhero or to lend his strength to the Avengers Initiative.

There are other stuff that got mentioned and discussed including tons of events like “Corrupted Vibranium” missions, “Red Room Takeover” missions, Bonus XP weekends, and per-hero weekly objectives.

Here’s to hoping we get to see footage and images for Spider-Man’s appearance in the Avengers game. And while we’re on the subject of a Spider-Man game, check out the Spider-Man 2 trailer from Insomniac Games this time featuring a nice team-up between Peter Parker and Miles Morales and a surprise appearance of Venom.

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