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Holy Bat-Signal! Pinoy Batman Fans are Organizing Bat-Con (With Prep Time Too)

If you’re a hardcore or even a not-so-hardcore fan of Batman, then you’ll be happy to note that a local group of Bat-Fans are organizing the first ever Bat-Con here in Manila.


Bat-Con will be organized primarily by The Dark Knight Philippines, a group for Pinoy fans of the Caped Crusader. From its humble beginnings, I’ve seen the group grow¬†tremendously through the years since it was first launched by the admins led by Mr. Paolo Ollero. And now, the gang’s all ready to start a convention specifically aimed at Batman. Check out their teaser trailer and launch date.

I dunno bout you guys but I am definitely game to help promote and even *wink wink* sponsor this event. Bat-Con is schedule 3rd June, 2017 at Centris Elements, QC

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