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Emma Frost Does her own version of No More Mutants (Uncanny X-Men # 21)

Uncanny X-Men # 21 reveals that the world at large has forgotten about mutants and don’t even remember what they are anymore thanks to Emma Frost’s own style of rehashing Scarlet Witch’s “No More Mutants”.

In Uncanny X-Men # 21 by Matthew Rosenberg and Salvador Larroca, we find the X-Men finally meeting up with Emma Frost and the remaining members of the Hellfire Club. Emma has had enough with O.N.E. and their mutant abuse and has decided to play her endgame; and she needs the remaining members of the X-Men to enact her plan.

To summarize it, she needs a number of mutants to work on her brain to amplify her powers given that Charles Xavier is missing in action and Jean Grey and the rest of the X-Men are still “dead” but secretly whisked away in the world X-Man built.

Along the way, the X-Men act as a distraction while a number of them bring Doctor Nemesis, Mr. Sinister and Fabian Cortez back to the Hellfire Club’s mansion where they can work on getting Emma Frost’s powers boosted even further.

It’s also there where they effectively lost Magik and Juggernaut.

Magik reverts to her demon form

As the team teleports away, they get intercepted by more O.N.E. personnel and get into a fight with them.

But before they get accosted and taken away, something weird happens. The guards pick them up and apologize for what happened. They seem to have forgotten they were dealing with mutants.

So it appears that they executed their plans down pat with again, Mister Sinister, Doctor Nemesis and Fabian Cortez. To the world at large they don’t know what mutants are, they don’t know what and who the X-Men are. What’s next though is something readers should look forward to as we inch our way into the new era of X-Men books heralded by Jonathan Hickman and his two books House of X and Powers of X.

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