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5 Impacts of Fuel Prices going up for Geeks Worldwide

The rising cost of fuel is a big threat to everybody from every walks of life and that includes the geeks around the world. But just how drastic and scary is this right now? Let me list down the 5 impacts of fuel prices going up for geeks worldwide.

Obviously I’m no industry expert but I do have my ears on the ground with this thing so at the very least I have an idea of what I’m saying. If you do want to weigh in on the matter, you can feel free to leave a comment and add it when necessary.

1. Printed things could get more expensive in the coming days

Comic books, books, collectible card games all suffer from this. Fuel is needed to cut trees, turn these trees to paper, transport them so obviously its going to be the consumers that will take up the brunt of those price increases. Case in point, our local comic book dealer has already announced that they will be increasing their prices to cope up with the rising costs.

2. Car geeks will have a tougher time getting and selling their collections

Ford Everest Trend Arctic White

Ford Everest Trend Arctic White

Geeks aren’t just people who are into gaming and comics. There are a lot of collectors and car enthusiasts who are also considered geeks. And they too are affected by the pandemic and the growing costs of fuels. Like if one car geek wanted to sell their car or buy a new one and visit websites that offer car payment calculator services and see how much they have to shell out when buying these days or how much they will lose if they sell one piece of their car collections.

3. The Anime Geeks or Otakus


Overlord 4 with the skeletal Momomga demon returns after 4 years!

Even anime and otaku culture is also affected whether they know that or not. For starters, electricity (which also needs fuel) will be affected by the oil prices skyrocketing. On top of that the exchange rate for paying overseas services including streaming platforms is bound to increase like sites like Crunchyroll and Netflix. And their merch like toys and other fun anime related stuff will also increase. Let’s not forget that manufacturers will also have to increase product prices to stay afloat.

4. Movie Buffs

Cosplayers Black Panther and Shuri, having a great time at SM Cinema

Movie fans will likely take a knee with the prices skyrocketing. Aside from the actual gas prices for their cars or the fare / commute rising, there’s also the possibility of ticket prices going up. And when they go out, they also have to spend money on food whether its cinema food or a dinner afterwards. So its really hard to say that even movies are not affected. Plus traveling would also greatly decrease the value of the car you use to travel and what if you plan on selling your vehicle at some point in the future? Best check sites like CarPaymentCalculator.net to see whether going out and seeing a film is worth it or not.

5, Gaming Geeks

Even gamers will be affected by rising oil prices. For starters the aforementioned electric bill will become a big burden. Then there’s also the Internet service which is directly affected. Then the cost for producing games will also be recouped by the publisher and game developer will also be shouldered in part by the consumers/ gamers.

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