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Poster Revealed for New My Hero Academia Movie “Heroes: Rising”

Today will be such a treat to fans of My Hero Academia with the reveal of a new movie called My Hero Academia The Movie – Heroes: Rising with the poster below:

Revealed during My Hero Academia’s Hero FES event, the upcoming movie will be titled Heroes: Rising and release in Japan on Dec. 20. Kenji Nagasaki will direct the film with a script by Yosuke Kuroda. A poster for the film, which you can see below, was also released. The film will also be the second MHA movie following 2018’s Two Heroes movie which got both critical and box office success.

No word yet on when it would be released here in the Philippines but I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be big and that PH theaters need to do more than just one screening for this, just like how they did for Mazinger Z last year.

Abroad though, My Hero Academia The Movie – Heroes: Rising will open in Japan in December 2019.

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