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Who is Vox? (Death of the Inhumans # 4)

Here are major spoilers for Death of the Inhumans # 4 from Marvel by Donny Cates and Ariel Olivetti. In this issue, we find out who is Vox. (finally)

Before anything else:

After last issue’s surprise addition of Beta Ray Bill we get to see the remaining members of the Inhuman Royal Family on the way to rescue Black Bolt.

Meanwhile, Black Bolt has managed to escape on his own with his powers slowly returning back after his throat was slit in the Death of the Inhumans # 2.

Vox once again shows how much powerful he is compared to the king of the Inhumans but Beta Ray Bill gets in between and seriously injuring the mysterious enemy.

This is weird too because Vox is the bad guy. Why does he want Crystal to run away from him? Alas its too late for Quicksilver’s and Ronan’s former wife as she gets her atoms split.

The murder of Crystal sends Karnak into a murderous rage…

And when he’s done beating the crap out of Vox, its revealed that it was actually Maximus inside the armor the whole time. This opens a whole new world of questions for the Inhumans plus Beta Ray Bill.

So knowing that, knowing that the Kree have somehow used Lockjaw’s powers to “kill” inhumans, we see what exactly happened to Crystal.

It was honestly a painful sight seeing Crystal gradually being dragged down and forcibly getting inside the Vox armor.

Page after page we see the process that these radical new Kree have perfected to create the perfect weapon against the biggest and strongest Inhuman.

Oh and Triton’s alive apparently. He didnt die like what we saw in Death of the Inhumans # 1.

Just like that, its a horrific scene to read, with Crystal undergoing god knows what to become the new Vox.

The next issue will be the last issue for this miniseries and hopefully, I really hope, that we get a happy ending. The Inhumans did try to usurp the X-Men but it wasn’t their fault entirely that the readers and fans weren’t happy with how they turned up. I’m not happy that they had a hand in the death of Cyclops too.

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