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Is Marvel Finally Ending the One More Day Controversy? (Amazing Spider-Man # 1 Spoilers)

This week’s Amazing Spider-Man # 1 ends with a HUGE HOLY SHIT moment, not just for Spider-Man fans but also for fans of comic books in general.

So in one of the endings for this week’s Amazing Spider-Man # 1 by Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley, we see Peter Parker suffering once more from his legendary “Parker Luck”. And as one bad thing leads to another, Peter finds himself talking about his feelings to somebody.

We then see who Spider-Man was talking to this whole time, none other than Mary Jane Watson.

So is this a dream or is this a bad joke? Did Marvel finally realize that Parker needs MJ to make him a complete hero?

At least we’re not given the Mockingbird / Spider-Man pairing from before; that was crappy to be honest.

Please don’t break our collective hearts now Marvel. Breaking them up will suck big time.

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