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Robert Downey Jr. Rumored to do a Doctor Strange Cameo

While its still in rumor-ville, I am already excited to see Robert Downey Jr. do a cameo in Scott Derrickson’s Doctor Strange.

This was picked up first by twitter user @s7evendaysageek

… and had soon made it to social media. Sure lets all take this with a grain of salt obviously, but wouldn’t it be cool to see the two Sherlocks together.

That would be a great face-melter scene.

Also there’s another scene that might be done involving Sherlock Holmes. Because Doctor Strange actor Benedict Cumberbatch plays Holmes in the BBC series while Downey had played the master detective in two movies directed by Guy Ritchie.

But you know what, given how the RDJ film was released by WB, not to mentiob closely associated with the competing studio, that “no shit Sherlock” fan-generated scene might not happen AT ALL.

Most likely if the rumors are true, we could be seeing the planting of the seed for the “Awesome Facial Hair Bros”. I can see this happening somewhere in the third Avengers movie.

What do you guys think of this rumor? Are you excited? What’s the better joke/ reference to use?

Doctor Strange opens November from Walt Disney Studios Philippines through Columbia Pictures.

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