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G. Willow Wilson and Carey Nord Announced as New Wonder Woman Creative Team, Goes on Rescue Steve Trevor Rescue Mission

Wonder Woman will be getting a new creative team this November with issue 58 in the form of writer G. Willow Wilson and artist Carey Nord.

Their first story arc called The Just War will center on Diana’s rescue mission to save Steve Trevor and his military unit who disappeared inside a war-torn European country. To complicate things, she also encounters her brother, the god of war Ares, who is supposedly locked up in the island paradise of Themyscira.

Here’s what DC Comics had to say about the upcoming storyline:

When Steve Trevor’s unit goes missing in an Eastern European country torn by revolution, Wonder Woman immediately flies across the globe to help him – only to slam into the brick wall that is Ares, the God of War, who’s taken a strange interest in this conflict,But why is Ares acting so strange? Has he turned over a new leaf? Does Wonder Woman have a chance to redeem him? And just as important…if Ares has returned to Earth, then what happened to the supposedly unbreachable prison built to contain him—Wonder Woman’s homeland, Themyscira?”

While Wilson has worked previously with DC Comics, she assures her fans that she’s not done with Marvel yet, teasing new projects with the House of Ideas.

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