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Haslab Marvel Legends Galactus Doom Head announced as fourth tier at 22,000 backers

Hasbro just gave another update for the Haslab Marvel Legends Galactus, giving us a look at their fourth tier or goal and its an additional alternate head dubbed as the Doom Face.

After the reveal of as the third bonus figure, Marvel Legends Morg,a bonus at 20,000 backers, Hasbro will throw in this awesome Doom face when they get to 22,000 backers.

Check out more photos below.

This whole Doom face was cool and did you know that this happened in a what if story which also saw the death of Ben Grimm aka The Thing in the initial fight with the Fantastic Four and Galactus. Reed lost focus and didn’t find a way to defeat Galactus. But Doctor Doom was there with a machine that he built to steal Galactus’ power.

Will this new bonus make you pick up the Marvel Legends Galactus or is it still a big pass? Personally speaking, just that alternate skull head was worth it already and the glowing LED.

What do you think of the Doom Face? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo.

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