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Empyre: Avengers #2 Spoilers – Another Avenger Dies

Obviously it wouldn’t be an event book in comics if nobody dies so Marvel decides to kill off a budding Avenger working with T’Challa’s Agents of Wakanda spinoff in the pages of Empyre: Avengers. So here’s a big Empyre: Avengers # 2 spoilers post.

Before we proceed, spoiler alert.

spoiler alert photo

So the ending of issue 1 showed the Cotati getting a foothold of Savage Land, the homeland of Ka-Zar. And as the Avengers tries to go and remove the control of the Cotati over the dinosaur-ridden world. The team manages to succeed in saving Shana, Ka-Zar’s ex-wife.

So what happens here is that Shana’s life is connected to the Savage Land. So that means whatever happens to the land happens to her. When Plunder breaks the Cotati control, the lovers profess their love, a cue that there’s a chance for their romance to blossom once more.

And just when the two are about to kiss, it gets disrupted by a sudden attack…

… which ends with a rather shocking moment; with the Cotati plunging a spear on Ka-Zar’s chest.

I think I need to get into Empyre: Avengers now. Also too bad for Ka-Zar because the regular book he appears in, Agents of Wakanda, was unceremoniously cancelled by Marvel.

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