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The First Teaser for The Umbrellla Academy Has Been Shared by Gerard Way

My Chemical Romance front man Gerard Way took to Instagram today to share his first teaser for the upcoming live-action series adaptation of the superhero team known as the Umbrella Academy.

 Check out the teaser photo below followed by the actual Instagram post from Way.

Check it out! Super excited that everything keeps moving at an amazing pace for our Netflix Umbrella Academy series! #umbrellaacademy #netflix @umbrellaacad

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There are a total of seven members of this “family”. Number 1 is the team leader named Spaceboy, Number 2 is also called the Kraken, Number 3 is known as the Rumor, Number 4 is the mysterious and quasi-dead Seance, Number 5 is called Number 5 and Number 7 is known as Vanya Hargreeves aka the White Violin. The seven children were the adopted children of scientist Reginald Hargreeves who created the team to train them in using their gifts and save the world against robot zombies and space aliens. Hell, Spaceboy even actually based himself in space to protect the world from alien threat.

The first two volumes/ story arcs for the Umbrella Academy was published by Dark Horse comics and fans should also expect a third volume called “Hotel Oblivion” which is set for release October 2018.

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