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No Justice # 4 Spoilers

Here are some pretty major spoilers for DC Comics’ NO JUSTICE # 4 written by James Tynion IV, Scott Snyder and Joshua Williamson with art by Francis Manapul.

Vril Dox is an asshole

Chalk it up to being an asshole like his dad or his indifference to his dad’s last mission, it looks like Vril Dox of R.E.B.E.L.S. will be giving the Leaguers a hard time in the future. His, is a voice of reason at the end of this miniseries though as his perception is far clearly the better way of looking what the Justice League and it’s members has done going back to as far as Dark Nights Metal.

Lex Luthor Wants Entropy or he’s the King of Entropy

Charging up the Entropy seeds, Deathstroke takes point and can’t charge it. To everybody’s surprise, Lex Luthor shows that he’s still a bad guy with multiple deaths under his belt aka the best person to charge the entropy fruit. And I had my money on Deathstroke too; with him being a killer and all that.

The Omega Titans Commit Fratricide

Long story short, the League collects the four energies and shoot it at the strongest Omega Titan, which happens to be the Entropy Titan. With the energy they devour, the three remaining Omega Titans leaves Earth alone and return to their slumber. Of course, with this action, they ruin the natural order of the universe (again).

Batman Assembles the Outsiders

Batman reassembles the Outsider with the help of Black Lightning

Nightwing has a mission?

What could Nightwing do that’s so important thatt Batman had to turn to another trusted ally? I guess we’ll find out soon. But this should be interesting for both Batman fans and Nightwing fans.

What Did the League give Green Arrow?

Is this something similar to the Babel Protocols Batman used to have (which was stolen by Ras Al Ghul)? Is Green Arrow forming his own team with Batgirl and Supergirl?

The New Justice Leagues motivation in 2 pages

Martian Manhunter’s Justice League remains the same, the big guns saving the world from all sorts of trouble. Wonder Woman’s Justice League Dark together with Zatanna will look for the person responsible for keeping the four trees alive despite the powers deactivated. Cyborg’s Justice League Odyssey will focus on the wisdom aspect of the universe and how its effective changed after the events of Dark Nights Metal and No Justice.

There you go, all the good stuff from No Justice # 4 which is currently available in your LCS.

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