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Superboy Prime Returns to the DC Universe via Shazam

Superboy Prime returns to the DC Universe via Shazam and for this particular post, we track back to his cameos and appearances in the Shazam books written by Geoff Johns.

The low down here is that Superboy Prime will be making his official appearance in Shazam # 13 with a cover you can see above. And yeah, he mops the Shazam Family by himself and take note, this was also after the appearance of the Monster Society which was summoned by CC and Mr Mind.

Shazam # 10

In Shazam # 10 however, we already meet Superboy Prime. During the segmenet where Mr Mind and Dr Sivana talk about the history of the Monster Lands, they walk by the cell of the evil Superboy Prime…

As the two villains walk around the Monster Land, we see that Prime is imprisoned in the magical plane. He even gets to say a few things to Sivana and Mind…

He’s still crazy and he’s still aware that he’s in a comic book. He knows that the the readers are looking into this page. And he’s very angry.

Shazam # 11

In the last page of Shazam # 11, we revisit Superboy Prime once again and this time, we see that he’s finally sprung out of his cell by one of the Monsterland’s guides…

Man, this guy has the secondary power of springing out of prison. Maybe that’s really his secret power huh?

We still have one issue before we get to see his full “debut” in this new universe. And I am interested to see who would survive in a major brawl between Shazam and the Shazam family working on magic against the Kryptonian Superboy Prime.

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