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Atom Araullo and Mike De Leon Go at it on Social Media Post-Citizen Mike

It happens once in a while that the director and a movie’s main star goes all out in their arguments and it’s also common for this spat to spill over to social media. Case in point, Citizen Jake star Atom Araullo and the film’s director Mike De Leon.

Credits: Solar Pictures

It’s an interesting tete-a-tete between the two former workmates; and here I was thinking they did great “music” together with how Citizen Jake came out (review pending sorry). Anyway, it was last week with De Leon’s Facebook post that got the ball rolling. The esteemed director shared his thoughts on why he was sorely disappointed with Araullo’s performance and the finished product which was later distributed by Solar Films.

De Leon posted these words on the official Citizen Jake facebook page last week…

Today, we get Araullo’s response to the director’s blasts..

Several hours later, Mike De Leon hits back once more with additional “dirt”

It looks like De Leon’s still raring to go one more round but based on Araullo’s social media post, this would be the first and last time he would actually talk about his problem with the director and the movie.

A few Facebook users have also called out both parties to discuss things privately and with more professionalism but so far, there’s no response on that matter.

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