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Renfield Review

Our top contributor Vinni Misa takes over for this Renfield review which opens April 26 in theaters! The film stars Nicholas Hoult, Nicolas Cage, Awkwafina and more!


Netflix Castlevania season 3 Trailer 1 Now Online

Monsters, vampires and Belmonts beware as the Netflix Castlevania season 3 trailer 1 is now online courtesy of our friends from Netflix! This season would be more exciting than the previous season all because...


Castlevania Season 2 Announced by Netflix

Here’s our first salvo of Castlevania season 2 news! So that’s right, Warren Ellis and the Belmonts will be back for Castlevania season 2 for Netflix. The first season of Castlevania was released last...


Meet the Monsters for Universal’s Dark Universe

So before you catch The Mummy this week, we’re doing a post to introduce the monsters that will appear in this shared cinematic universe. So remember those Universal Monster movies from days gone by?...