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Classic X-Men Baddie shows his plans including kidnapping Iron Man in Dark Ages # 2

Here are the major Dark Ages # 2 Spoilers from this week’s issue from writer Tom Taylor with art by Iban Coello.

In this issue, its revealed that just as the world was about to collapse after the disastrous events from the first issue, a bunch of heroes including Charles Xavier managed to save it and rebuild society. There are a few settlements that have been made all around the world. But it wasn’t just the good guys who made a new society and city including Apocalypse.

And it looks like Apocalypse is doing a recruitment drive of sorts but rather than convincing the people to work for him, he’s more on using force as such as the case of Iron Man. In the final part of Dark Ages # 2, its revealed that Tony Stark has already started dabbling in alchemy when he gets almost attacked in his home by a vampire; but gets saved by Captain America.

Steve lures Tony Stark out of the safety of his home and reveals that Apocalypse and Dracula have teamed up and is eager to kidnap him.

Iron Man tries to escape but Dracula grabs him by the neck and gets knocked unconscious by Captain America; only that it wasn’t Captain America but rather Mystique.


When Stark wakes up, he finds himself in Europe which has been enslaved by Apocalypse. En Sabah Nur shows Stark what he’s been using to power up his city which is apparently the mutant Magneto.

Apocalypse then calls on Killgrave aka the Purple Man with the goal of enslaving Stark’s mind as well.

Apocalypse then reveals that he plans on getting the Unmaker to wake up; possibly with the goal of taking his power. Dark Ages is definitely an OK book. Hard still to predict what the end goal of the book is but its definitely worth following.

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