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Castlevania S3E2 Review – The Reparation of my Heart

Here’s my Castlevania S3E2 Review – the Reparation of my Heart. Episode directed by Sam Deats and is now available on streaming on Netflix.

Spoilers abound for this review so Spoiler Alert.

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This episode picks up with Isaac who has invades a small town and brought along his now growing army of undead monsters. This sgement gives us a refresher on who this forgemaster is and what his plans are. We even get some introspection on what he was before the fall of Dracula and subsequent banishment. This scene is beautifully topped off with rhetorical discussions and meta speak.

Thanks to a shop owner who gives him a distancing mirror, Isaac’s course is set as he begins his journey to meet his former friend Hector in Carmilla’s castle in Styria.

Love that Stone Mask reference in the shop whether it was intentional or just an Easter egg, the JoJo fan in me was very happy.

Also this wouldn’t be a Castlevania episode without Carnage and gore and our sponsor this time is Isaac. I bet the writers had a great time fleshing out the creatures that the forgemaster brought along and how the murder their victims in this city.

I also loved that scene with the boat captain and Isaac. Man, that’s how you dissuade your apparent death.


Karmilla gets her short time in the spotlight where she breaks down her new plan with her sister and opens the discussion for what to do with Hector. It’s also in these scenes with Lenore. It also gives viewers a chance to breakdown what each character does and what to expect from them and that’s done through the dialogue of Lenore.

Trevor and Sypha

Trevor meeting with Saint Germaine is a good moment. Weaker yes but it sets the idea of a possible team-up in the near future. Its also in this segment where we get to see what Germaine is planning and how he plans to win in this fight.


Alucard gets to meet the new characters, Sumi and Taka, who are vampire hunters. These two seem like good people and their intentions are pretty good too, fighting vampires to protect other people. Those few precious seconds of fight scenes are also impressive. Definitely miss all the action sequences from the previous seasons.



Kinda boring but its relying on its trademark of setting up big and small things to come. Having no knowledge of who Saint Germaine is, I can clearly say that I want to see more of what he plans to do and how Trevor and Sypha will play their part in this. I’ve seen spoilers too of what will become of Alucard, Taka and Sumi but seeing a more innocent and affectionate first meeting makes it all the more painful to see in the coming episodes.


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