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Castlevania S3E1 review – Bless Your Dead Little Hearts

Here’s my Castlevania S3E1 review entitled Bless Your Dead Little Hearts! Its now streaming on Netflix!


Alucard adjusts to his lonely new life; Belmont and Sypha pay a visit to a creepy town; Carmilla returns home with a prize.

Spoilers abound so Spoiler Alert

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Love how they open with Alucard and the new life he’s slowly getting into. As he lives in both Castle Dracula and The Belmont estate, we see how both sad and boring his life has become after the death of his father.

Not too keen on how his arc moved at a glacial pace but the payoff was quite good. On the bright side, it did give viewers to admire the animation quality for this series. Plus, it’s only now that we get to see a slow scene IN THE MORNING.

Next we get a great scene with Sypha and Trevor Belmont as they take on night creatures attacking travelers on the road.

God the action scenes have improved tremendously.

We see Carmilla with Hector reaching their intended direction. We see how things went on for the vampire army she got and how miserable and shitty their march had been. I loved her rant, I love how things cooled down and I would really like to see more of the vampires known as the “Council of Sisters” in this season.

As much as I want to feel bad for Hector in Castlevania S3E1, I don’t have any remorse. Well I feel a little bad because he fell deep into Carmilla’s trap rather than stay loyal to Dracula. The beatings and punishment too are something sad. It’s a really long way from how we saw him at the start of season 2.

Bless Your Little Dead Heart also introduces us to Saint Germain voiced by Bill Nighy. Whether he’s a good guy or bad we won’t really have any clue as early as this. It’s an interesting way to introduce him in the series too. Plus he’s got some powers that we don’t know yet.

saint germaine from netflix castlevania

Saint Germain

There’s a fallout already from the death of Dracula and Trevor and Sypha are slowly seeing how this power vacuum is slowly affecting the world. They knew that this would happen but they weren’t expecting it to get around that fast. They were also vaguely aware that there was a power struggle that was happening when they teleported Dracula’s castle over to the Belmont estate!v

I love that scene where Trevor Belmont confesses that the beer he got for free was a lot “better than sex” much to the anger of his lover Sypha. Richard Armitage has really grown well with voicing this character thus far.

Overall, not so much drama and it really feels that they are taking baby steps with this episode. Action scenes are impressive for this one too and I love the new design for Trevor.

Castlevania S3E1 review – Bless Your Dead Little Hearts verdict


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