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Timeless # 1 2024 Spoilers – Old Man Luke Cage fights to save the world

It’s that time of the year again when Marvel starts teasing their upcoming events via their Timeless one-shot so we’ve got Timeless # 1 2024 spoilers abound!

In this issue written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly with art by Juann Cabal, we catch the world in mid-salvation from the moon with people coming to these androids who usher them to outer space. Turns out though that this isn’t a good thing and that the people are actually being reaped by whoever is in the moon. Enter an older Luke Cage aka Old Man Luke Cage who starts a fight with these Moon Knight droids after getting these visions of things to come.


We will be breaking them down one by one but in bullet points we have:

  • Probably the new Moon Knight
  • Nova and Thane teaming up
  • Ultron – Hank Pym together with the Marvel Zombies
  • The return of Green Goblin
  • Blade vs Hulk
  • Fantastic Four
  • Loki or Wonder Man reading “The Immortal Thor” (my money’s on Loki)

Then Luke gets a hold of himself and continues to fight…

And he’s not just Power Man aka the guy with the unbreakable skin, during the years that he “disappeared”, he has been absorbing powers left and right preparing for this fight. He reveals that he managed to get the power of The Sentry, which has already been split into several people in the current Sentry books.

His opponent though is somebody close to him, the new Immortal Moon Knight who seems to be mystically powered too and wears a wicked armor as well.

Inside the armor though is Danny Rand aka Iron Fist who has been controlled and turned into a puppet by the Moon god Khonsou.

Danny and Luke continue to fight and we see several more closer releases for different Marvel books. Here’s more bullet points and links:

  • Tombstone taking over New York which ties to Amazing Spider-Man Gang War storyline
  • Prisoner X which could still tie in to Fall of X or probably the new X-Men revamp happening in 2024
  • Miles Morales probably returning to the Ultimate Universe which spans out of Ultimate Invasion
  • Avengers fighting vampires which is definitely Blood Hunt
  • Doctor Doom becoming the new Sorcerer Supreme probably in the Strange books
  • Ghost Rider leaving its host and getting a new host
  • Venom fighting more symbiotes which could be the FCBD book

Luke loses an arm during the fight and still gets visions

This includes:

  • a new War Machine x Punisher
  • A new group of teenage heroes or probably alternate reality teen heroes
  • Celestials or could be Baron Mordo
  • Tony Stark going digital which could be a story in Gerry Duggan’s book
  • Scarlet Witch fighting somebody
  • Black Panther fighting what appears to be Penance / M which could be for Uncanny Avengers

Luke beats up Danny and Danny reverts to his old self for a second before being taken over once more by Khonsu who also reveals himself to be…

With one final blow, Luke Cage takes out Khonsou with a solid punch to the heart. The explosion saves the universe and Luke is thrown to parts unknown and getting another set of vision.

This includes:

  • a possible Civil War 3 with Captain America and Iron Man
  • Doctor Strange and Clea having a baby
  • Terror Inc and a bunch of Marvel monsters teaming up
  • Bucky Barnes turning big and fighting a kaiju draped in the US flag
  • Iron Man getting another upgrade
  • Magneto sitting in a wheelchair with Cyclops and the rest of the X-Men behind him

The issue ends in the present with Iron Man and Sam Wilson aka Captain America monitoring space and missing Old Man Luke Cage who just blipped out of nowhere.

And for those who are wondering where the present day Luke Cage is, he’s still in New York and currently serving as the New York City mayor after the events of Devil’s Reign where they managed to oust Wilson Fisk from office and power!

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