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Colossus and Wolverine inverts the Fastball Special called the Screwball Special – Fall of the House of X # 1

Colossus and Wolverine are working together to mount a rescue mission for Cyclops who has been with ORCHIS for a few months already after the events of Fall of X and the third Hellfire Gala and not only are they working together in the pages of Fall of the House of X # 1, they’ve already created an inversion of their famous Fastball Special move which they also call the “Screwball Special”.

Fall of the House of X # 1 will be written by Gerry Duggan and artist Lucas Werneck.

In the opening pages, we find a flashback of Colossus and Wolverine their classic Fastball Special

And in the present, we see Colossus doing an inverted version of the Fastball Special with him throwing a villain towards Wolverine…

During the maneuver, Colossus and Logan also engage in witty banter with the two discussing a fitting name for this new move they have come up together. The poor lad ends up in Logan’s claws, badly eviscerated.

With the last of the baddies dispatched, Logan decides on the name for this new move.

Yes folks, you just saw the first appearance of the Screwball Special.

I really missed Colossus and Wolverine and it’s such a drag to read the X-Force ongoing although it looks like I need to go read that too especially since I want to see how Beast gets his comeuppance especially since he’s become the Krakoan era version of Mr. Sinister.

Bonus preview page. Cyclops getting his old costume in and getting interrogated by Dr Alia Gregor (whose husband died at the hands of Scott’s team who attacked the Master Mold in space during HOX/ POX) and Omega Sentinel (Karima Shapandar).

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