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The X-Men and Inhumans Bow Down before White Queen in IvX # 6 Cover

While it doesn’t really spoil the story, we’ve got our first look for the cover of IvX # 6 featuring the mutants and the inhumans paying respect to Emma Frost aka White Queen.


IvX # 6 is scheduled for release March, 2017 and will be the finale part of the war between the Mutants and the inhumans which began in the pages of Death of X, which showed the true mastermind behind the Cyclops debacle as well as plant the seeds of distrust between the two superpowered species in the Marvel Universe.

This cover opens a lot of questions such as what exactly did Emma Frost did to deserve the “royal” treatment or how are we going to take the story from “IvX” directly to “ResurrXion”. How will White Queen figure into the whole setup for X-Men Gold and X-Men Blue? Will the Xavier School rise once more after the events of IvX?

The cover was done by Leinil Francis Yu.

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