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War of the Realms # 6 – Mjolnir Returns

Here’s a major spoiler for War of the Realms # 6 by Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman; and its the story of how Mjolnir returns after some time away from Thor and Asgard.

So in the last issue, Thor hung himself on the Sun Tree to find a way to beat Malekith, who apparently still has both Freyja and Odin alive, after seemingly killing them two issues ago. Just like in Norse Mythology and in Thor Disassembled, Thor sacrifices something in exchange for knowledge on how to beat the Dark Elf and instigator of the War of the Realms.

war of the realms # 6 spoilers

war of the realms # 6 spoilers – Thor sacrifices bit of mjolnir

By sacrificing everything important to him, Thor gains insight on how to beat the man who cut off his arm. And its something that was kind of obvious even before the reveal of the cover for issue 6.

Thor had to call in the other Thors from his past adventures namely the young unworthy Thor Odinson with Jarnbjorn the Celestial killing axe and King Thor. And because they are all the same being (aside from Jane Foster, but she still goes by Thor in that form), they manage to reach Malekith and fight him and his minions. The battle goes back and forth with Malekith eventually getting his hands on Thor’s last hammer (production stopped at the start of the war you see) and attempting to use it to smite the thunder god’s other arm.

Meanwhile light years away, the god tempest starts brewing and Thor’s secret weapon starts grumbling.

Just when it seems like Malekith would be bashing Thor’s brains in with his own Kylntar infused hammer, the God Tempest comes crashing down in the battlefield.

And from that out pours Mjolnir, reforged and ready to be the smiter.

Things do not end in a high note for Malekith who eventually gets torn to bits by his own “pets” before being whisked away in four different directions. Odin and Freyja are freed from imprisonment and there’s something new that has happened to Jane Foster, just as the War-Thor hammer breaks down into dust.

This of course would lead to Jane becoming the new Valkyrie which was already teased a month or so back.

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