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Elizabeth Tulloch cast as Lois Lane for CW-verse Crossover

The CW-verse aka Arrowverse just gained a new and important character in the form of Lois Lane who will be played on television.

Elizabeth Tulloch

The actress was last seen in the TV series Grimm and now she’s ace reporter and Pulitzer winner in an alternate Earth where Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) operate. Her addition as a new character for the Supergirl TV series also means that she’ll appear from time to time, like in this case, the crossover between The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl revolving around the appearance of Batwoman.

Batwoman of course will be played by Ruby Rose (John Wick Chapter 2). These crossover episodes would be aired in the states around December according to reports.

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