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Marvel Teases a sequel to Spider-Man Reign, one of the most disturbing Spidey stories in recent years

Nobody asked for it but Marvel is looking to do a sequel to Spider-Man: Reign which happens to be one of the more disturbing Spider-Man stories in recent years.

There’s no details that were attached to this story rather just a teaser image of Spider-Man / Peter Parker together with what looks like Mary Jane Watson which could also be a corpse, one of the things that stuck in this alternate story featuring an elderly Peter Parker returning to superheroics after retiring decades prior.

Spider-Man: Reign is a four-issue comic book limited series featuring Spider-Man, written and illustrated by Kaare Andrews and published by Marvel Comics. Set 30 years into Spider-Man’s future, on Earth-70237, it features a retired Spider-Man who returns to combat the injustices of a vastly different New York City.

It obviously borrows a lot from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns from the 80s with a more modern sensibility and art style but what fans really remember about this are two things. One is the nude Peter Parker scene…

… which Marvel fixed with the second print as well as the collected editions that came out subsequently.

The second is the idea that MJ Watson Parker died due to cancer caused by the radioactive body fluids he shares whenever they have unprotected sex. Years and years of that caused MJ to die because of cancer…

Yeah, not a great sight to behold and not a great idea to think and yet Marvel is revisiting this again.

I have a feeling this will be part of an ongoing story for the current volume of Amazing Spider-Man with writer Zeb Wells and artist John Romita Jr. I mean what could be worse with this volume right? We already know that Peter Parker is working with and for Norman Osborn and that this volume is the one where they kill Kamala Khan .

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