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The Funny, Witty and Angry reactions of people on Twitter over Liz Uy’s Engagement

Trending topic today on showbiz and entertainment is the story of Liz Uy and her engagement announcement. Apparently, there’s a deeper tragedy here in the announcement that we’d rather not expound on. Let’s just say it involves a thing that rhymes with “sabet”.

Photo Credits: Liz Uy on Instagram

So let’s get into the meat of things; the comments and reactions on Twitter and boy are they searing hot. Disclaimer, not my comments, just curated and picked up the top comments on Twitter regarding the issue.

World of the Married is a South Korean series which aired fairly recently; here’s the trailer with subtitles…

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  1. October 30, 2020

    […] In case you need context on why people on Twitter are still hatin’ on Liz Uy, you can check out this post. […]

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