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Mary Marvel takes over as new Shazam in limited series The New Champion of Shazam by She-Ra writer Josie Campbell and Doc Shaner

Move over Billy Batson as DC Comics is set to change the status quo for the Shazam family with the release of the new four-issue limited series The New Champion of Shazam by Josie Campbell and Evan “Doc” Shaner!


The series is set for release August 2022 but was originally slated to hit stores February 2022.

The four issue series will have the at least three covers one done by Gary Frank, who has done a lot of Shazam related art with DC Comics as far back as the New 52 era…

There’s also another one by Joshua Middleton which looks really pretty…

And a regular cover by the series artist, Evan Shaner/ Doc Shaner…

Here’s additional info from a recent interview with


‘Who Mary is’ the very heart of this comic,” says Campbell. “Who she is, who she wants to be, and the roles that she’s either been forced into or has willingly joined into. […] It’s really shining a light on her and her wants and her desires — as somebody who was part of a superhero team, doesn’t have her powers, gets them back, and then she’s got a lot of choices suddenly displayed in front of her that she’s gonna have to make real fast.”

So what can you call her? Well, for now, you can use her real name – Mary Bromfield – but once The New Champion of Shazam gets started you can call her Shazam. The publisher says Mary will be deputized to be the new champion of Shazam! when a “talking rabbit” is sent to her by Billy Batson – her brother, and current Shazam.

“It’s been so long since she had her own book, since before she was a DC property,” says Shaner. “We’re hoping to have the fun and the creative energy behind so much of the early stuff that Binder did, but bring that to a more modern audience and try to make it more relatable to kids or young adults today.”

I’m actually interested in seeing where this goes and how it will affect the Shazam family as well as what the hell happened to the current champion, Billy Batson.

Here’s a clue though, he’ll probably be back by the time DC Comics and Warner Bros. Pictures releases Shazam 2.

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