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Norman Osborn redesigns Spider-Man’s costume – Amazing Spider-Man # 7

The current Amazing Spider-Man volume by Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr shows us what could happen if Peter Parker and Norman Osborn worked together. Spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man # 7 where Norman Osborn redesigns Spider-Man’s costume!

Before we proceed, SPOILER ALERT

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obviously Peter Parker isn’t happy with this tampering of his suit so he storms out of OsCorp and lands right into the hands of the Vulture who has been hunting him. And the reason for the hunt is because Tooms thinks that Spider-Man was the one who told his granddaughter about his criminal past and the murders he had committed.

In Amazing Spider-Man # 8 we get a good look of Parker in his new Spider-Goblin costume…

In this issue, Spidey survives the fall with a wad of webbing he uses to break his fall.

Vulture swoops in again and slams him on a brick chimney.

Spider-Man contacts Norman Osborn asking for the suit but the former Green Goblin does not have any way to find and send the suit to Spider-Man which also frustrates him.

Spidey then decides to run back to Osborn’s building to get the new suit himself and even uses the Vulture to fly him all the way there. He ditches the Vulture and gets inside the building to get the suit and he makes a nice entrance in this issue too.

And the new suit has some new features including a “spider glider” which also becomes a backpack/ jetpack.

The new suit also has goblin bombs attached to it that contain a variety of stuff and in his fight with Vulture, the goblin bomb contains small robotic spiders that can blind their target.

Peter is able to take down Vulture and web him up to stop him from causing more problems for the city.

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