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Flashpoint Batman is Thomas Wayne – Flashpoint # 1

We go back and look at the key moments from DC ComicsFlashpoint written by Geoff Johns and art by Andy Kubert.

Of course we kinda know this already especially since he reappeared in Tom King’s Batman run as well as the Flash crossover story “The Button” and joining the Justice League Incarnate group, we still want to focus on the first time Thomas Wayne was revealed to be Batman and not Bruce Wayne.

In Flashpoint # 1, a powerless Barry Allen travels to Gotham City to meet with Batman only to discover an abandoned Wayne Manor.

Barry enters Wayne Manor and makes his way to the Batcave. There he discovers a Batcave that’s still operational with a gun displayed prominently as well as some Batman gear including the utility belt and a photo of Thomas, Martha and Bruce Wayne.

Barry is suddenly manhandled by Batman who asks him who he is. Barry then asks “Bruce” to stop beating him up which stops the raging Batman. Barry Allen then realizes that he is talking to Thomas Wayne and not his friend Bruce Wayne.

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