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A Chainsaw Man JAV film is already being hyped up

Don’t look now but there seems to be a new Chainsaw Man JAV film being hyped up online and its definitely not for regular Chainsaw Man parody.

And just like what they did with the Jujutsu Kaisen parody, they actually used an actor to play an animal, this time the lovable chainsaw devil Pochita who sacrifices his heart to give Denji his second life as well as his devil powers. This time though for the parody, Pochita doesn’t have a cute little chainsaw in front of his face instead it’s a dildo.

So we obviously know what Chainsaw Man would look like for this parody. There’s a really NSFW set of screenshots that was also shared online which I can’t post HERE. And yes it includes the popular characters like Makima, Power aka the Blood Devil and Reze aka the Bomb Girl / Bomb Devil.

And yes, porn parody Chainsaw Man is called Dildoman!

Meanwhile Chainsaw Man continues to be strong with fans with a big fanbase after the release of the anime series and the manga is still ongoing written by Tatsuki Fujimoto.

Check out Chainsaw Man season 1 OP

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