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The Flash # 22 Spoilers – The Button Part 4’s Last Three Pages / Epilogue

Welp. DC Comics’ The Flash # 22 still has one more day before the release and yet, we already have pages leaked as noted by Bleedingcool.com. So what do we little blogs do? Well we can certainly follow suit, so folks The Flash # 22 spoilers.

Now that we’re getting more details about how “The Button” ends, it seems like its a story that not only touches on DC Rebirth but also re-introduces another speedster we all miss. Heck, they pretty much teased the return of Jay Garrick in The Flash # 21.

But on the DC Rebirth side of things, they have HUGE implications AND sets things up nicely for the inevitable appearance of Dr. Manhattan and Ozymandias in the DCU. Check out these three “leaked” pages for The Button’s epilogue which harkens back to Alan Moore’s original Watchmen book.

Why is Doctor Manhattan turning the Comedian’s blood blue? What’s happening? Why are they “shifting” something as iconic as that button. Will it be revealed HOW and WHY the button was in the Batcave?

As BC notes, the panels go groovy and it suddenly feels like we’re reading a page off of The Dark Knight Returns.

And DC Comics does it again. They vaguely put things here and there and now they tie up “The Button” with pre-New 52 Superman’s Shield and set up things to come via Doomsday Clock and possible Dark Nights: Metal.

And before we wrap things up in this The Flash # 22 spoilers post, do me a solid and please pick up the actual book via your favorite LCS.

Credits: bleedingcool

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