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McFarlane Toys Flashpoint Flash Figure Revealed

McFarlane Toys has just dropped a new teaser for their upcoming McFarlane Toys Flashpoint Flash figure based on Barry Allen‘s appearance in 2011’s Flashpoint miniseries by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert from DC Comics.

Here’s what McFarlane Toys posted on their social media:

FIRST LOOK – The Flash is next up from the Flashpoint Build-A wave! Pre-order COMING SOON.

Includes BOTH a masked and un-masked head. Exclusively at Target.

Check out the official images revealed on Instagram and Facebook:

Here’s the wiki for DC’s Flashpoint:

Flashpoint is a 2011 comic book crossover story arc published by DC Comics. Consisting of an eponymous core limited series and a number of tie-in titles, the storyline premiered in May 2011. The core miniseries was written by Geoff Johns and pencilled by Andy Kubert. In its end, the series radically changes the status quo for the DC Universe, leading into the publisher’s 2011 relaunch, The New 52.

Flashpoint details an altered DC Universe in which only Barry Allen seems to be aware of significant differences between the regular timeline and the altered one, including Cyborg’s place as the world’s quintessential hero, much like Superman is in the main timeline, with Superman himself being held captive as a lab-rat by the United States government within an underground facility in Metropolis. In addition, Thomas Wayne is Batman, and a war between Wonder Woman and Aquaman has decimated western Europe.

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