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The Avengers 10000000 BC Team just introduced the primitive Moon Knight

Avengers writer Jason Aaron continues to touch on his theme of legacy within the Avengers as the recent issue of Avengers, Avengers # 62 has given us the prehistoric Moon Knight and adds him to the team.

In this issue, we take a different POV and do a flashback of sorts with the Prehistoric Avengers already disbanded after what happened during the birth of Thor Odinson and the years that have followed. We see that they have all languished apart and the threat of Mephisto who has been giving the present Avengers a hard time and even orchestrating the whole Heroes Reborn saga. Agamotto goes around places checking in on his teammates after a fight with Mephisto which he was promptly defeated. During his travels he visits the prehistoric Iron Fist. She introduces the prehistoric Sorcerer Supreme to a new ally who just so happens to be the stone age Moon Knight.

As you can see, the current fist of Khonsu is a homo erectus human. Not as fully developed as the other members of the prehistoric Avengers but I’m betting he’s going to be as strong and as crazy as the current Moon Knight, Marc Spector.


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