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Amazon reveals they had halo-halo in Invincible

A recent tweet from Amazon reveals that in the Invincible series, Mark Grayson and his girlfriend Amber actually went on a date in a “Filipino Town” and that they had halo-halo too.

It looks like this sly little reference flew by fans including Filipinos. Because trust me Pinoys love this kind of stuff and it even sometimes hits mainstream media and even primetime news sometimes.

So anyway there were four panels that showed this nice Pinoy culture visit by Invincible aka Mark Grayson and Amber. There’s the establishing shot above, a mid-level shot…

This is where we see a bilao or a rice winnoeer, or a round basket tray used primarily for rice. Very cute.

Next scene is a close up with the two still talking with the foreground looking like it has puto bumbong being prepared, another Filipino delicacy usually very popular drying Christmas time. There are also a number of fruits in the background like bananas. Plus Invincible / Mark Grayson’s already holding a glass of halo-halo.

And the closest shot of the two shows just how big this halo-halo they ordered really is.

Although my only gripe here is that they didn’t mix the ingredients. Or maybe they haven’t started eating this. Also, who eats halo-halo while walking?


Kudos to Amazon (but not to Jeff Bezos) for this nice little nod.

Invincible season 1 is now streaming on Amazon and features the voices of Steven Yuen, J. K. Simmons, Sandra Oh and more. This was based on the comic book of the same title written by Robert Kirkman from Image Comics.

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