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Rumor: Game of Thrones prequel titled Bloodmoon plus other details

Rumors are swirling that the upcoming Game of Thrones prequel series would be called Bloodmoon.

And not only do we have a rumored title, we also have an unconfirmed logo for the series.

The photo was shared originally by Watchers on the Wall and they say that the photo came from a production note, a literal note they use on the set.

While there may be some credibility to it, there’s still some bits that make it unreliable like the production company being named “Endless Winter Productions”.

Mmmm. Hmm

Sadly, both HBO and series creator George R.R. Martin hasn’t really confirmed or deny anything about the Game of Thrones prequel. Still, Bloodmoon is a cool name although there’s a certain disconnect to the OG franchise.

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