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Damian Wayne has emotional reunion with Nightwing, Red Hood (Robin # 5)

Robin # 5 was a pretty good issue as it gave the chance for Damian Wayne to reconnect with his brothers like Nightwing and Jason Todd aka Red Hood.

Spoilers for Robin # 5by Joshua Williamson and Gleb Melnikov for DC Comics.

In this issue, Damian slips away from the Lazarus Island and get back to civilization for a bit only to find his “older siblings” waiting for him namely Nightwing, Red Hood, Spoiler and Tim Drake Robin.

They want Damian back in Gotham City but Damian is adamant he needs to return to island and the tournament. He challenges the former Robins to catch him first if they want to bring him back to Gotham. Robin manages to escape and outrun the pair of Spoiler aka Stephanie Brown and Tim Drake first.

Nightwing catches up but Damian Wayne cuts his line and he falls. He then gets batarangs thrown at him by Jason Todd. Then this bit happens…

You gotta love how Damian uses his knowledge of Jason’s emotions to one-up him. Of course that hug served as a distraction for Wayne to shock Jason Todd and continue his escape. Nightwing eventually catches up with Damian and gives him a gift.

Dick Grayson gives Damian Wayne a birthday gift to remind him that he’s his own person. Then he also reminds Damian that the others were Bruce Wayne’s Robins but Damian was his.

Batman’s son returns to the island and pretends that nothing happened before confronting Ravager aka Rose Wilson about ratting him out to Jason Todd.

Good stuff. Robin # 5 is definitely a good pick this week.

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