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Infinity Wars # 2 Spoilers

Today we continue the story of Infinity Wars with this Infinity Wars # 2 spoilers post.

The issue was written by Gerry Duggan with art by Mike Deodato.

This issue starts with a flashback with Thanos and Gamora just after a vicious figgt where Thanos is the victor. They talk about balance and justice and Thanos being the universe’s agent of order in his twisted mind. Gamora also tells Thanos that he will eventually meet his match and the mad titan just shrugs it off.

Back in the recent past, Gamora looks at her handiwork and stuffs her father’s head in a bag.

Gamora killing Thanos also made her the new queen of the Chitauri.

Back in the present, we find out that Gamora wasnt successful in killing Peter Quill aka Star-Lord. And its all thanks to Doctor Strange and his Time Stone.

Strange also whisks away the Mind Stone’s bearer, Turk who gets an offer he can’t refuse. He gives up ownership of the stone so that Strange owes him big time.

Back in the fight Black Widow joins the fight with the Soul Stone. Rocket Raccoon uses the Spot as target practice and the Avengers join the fight. Gamora proves that she’s still the deadliest woman in the galaxy too.

Captain Marvel tries to take out Gamora by flying her to space and when she returns, it seems like she was successful. That’s until its revealed that Gamora took the Reality Stone from Captain Marvel and switched places with her.

Captain America is too late to realize this and gets slashed together with Doctor Strange, slowly fusing them together. At this point she now has the Mind, Power, Reality and Time stones.

She also cuts off Adam Strange’s head while attempting to escape…

Black Widow tries to intercept along with the space stone but Gamora uses the Time Stone to take the space stone.


She takes the soul stone and we find her in Soul World where she also meets with the elderly Gamora.

After absorbing the old Gamora, the stones teleport Thanos’ daughter to where Loki is.

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