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Ultimate Iron Man II armor coming to Square’s Marvel’s Avengers Game

Fans of the armored Avenger Iron Man are in for a treat with the recent reveal from Square Enix for the upcoming new DLC armor for Iron Man for the game Marvel’s Avengers. It looks like they will be adding in the Ultimate Iron Man II armor for fans!

We haven’t really seen the game for both the Playstation 4 and the Playstation 5 really do a deep dive into to the “out there” armors for Iron Man until now.

This armor was based on the miniseries Ultimate Iron Man II which was a four issue title written by Orson Scott Card with art by Pasqual Ferry.

“When last we saw him, young Tony Stark was nearly blown to bits. How much of him survived his initial Iron Man trial run and where does he go from here? Plus: How does James Rhodes fit into Tony’s plans for the perfect fighting machine?”

Here’s the trailer for Hawkeye for Marvel’s Avengers game.

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