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Is the Phoenix Force really Thor’s Mom? Avengers 1,000,000 BC #1 Spoilers

Is the Phoenix Force really Thor’s Mom? Jason Aaron finally answers this question in Avengers 1,000,000 BC #1

Before we proceed, SPOILER ALERT

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For the story to really be understood, we first need to see the initial pages where the Avengers unite to stop the Laufey (Loki’s dad) and the Negative Zone being known as Hyve. These two lovers went to Earth to make a baby and kill humans which is why they were fought off by the Avengers of this era.

During the fight, they are able to kill Hyve as well as Laufey’s unborn son. Laufey retreat and swears revenge.

avengers 10000000 bc

The battle also kills this age’s Black Panther.

The Wakandans take their leader’s body away and tells the Avengers to forget about them. The death of the Black Panther also ensures that the team is officially disassembled.

Some time later, the team is summoned to Asgard for an emergency, which turns out to be a ploy to get everybody back in time for Odin and Phoenix’s wedding. Only she rejects the wedding and calls out Odin for being such a meathead.

Its also revealed that the Phoenix wants to break free and experience the cosmos and so it wants to leave Earth.

The Phoenix host decides to strike up a deal with Gaea sometime after that with the goal of leaving Earth with somebody who actually loves Earth and is of godly blood.

is the phoenix force thor's mother?

She convinces Gaea to give Odin a chance and some time later, they are pregnant.

The Avengers all gather together for the birth of the baby as well as protect Gaea. At this point in time Odin’s already lost one of his eyes…

And they are also waiting for Laufey to strike and get back at what they did to his kid. Phoenix also returns to Earth to help out. Sadly Laufey manages to evade the Avengers and reaches Gaea and baby Thor. Loki’s father also manages to injure Thor.

The Phoenix Host quickly rushes to the skies and heals baby Thor with her flames, sharing a bit of her power and life force.

Phoenix then returns the baby to Odin and Gaea and stays on Earth for awhile but left when the thunder Thor brings down reminds her too much of her love for Odin and the pain of not being the baby’s mother.

She leaves Earth and we don’t see her until Jean Grey comes with contact with her in space.


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