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Spider-Man starts relationship with Black Cat, loves Mary Jane Watson like a sister instead – Amazing Spider-Man # 20 Spoilers

Today we continue with the problematic Amazing Spider-Man run with Amazing Spider-Man # 20 where Spider-Man starts relationship with Black Cat and confesses that he loves former wife Mary Jane Watson as a sister instead!

SPOILER ALERT for Amazing Spider-Man # 20

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In this two parter, we catch Spidey and Black Cat as they go on a vacation and bump into Mary Jane Watson and her new boyfriend, Paul and it just goes toxic right there and then. Then a bunch of wannabe Sinister Six goons cause havoc, Spidey and Cat foil them, they escape, everybody gathers in one room, then there’s a murder and the rich assholes pretending to be the Sinister Six and using their tech appears. They get their asses handed to them by the Black Cat and Spider-Man and they are dragged away by authorities.

Then Peter and Felicia Hardy have this talk.


So after rebuilding the relationship between Spidey and MJ Watson in the previous volume of Spider-Man started by Nick Spencer, we are here once again with a Spidey that’s no longer interested in Mary Jane Watson; even goes as far as calling their love as being like siblings or best friends.

And I can see that they have a hundred ways of getting out of this corner they wrote themselves in but why are they doing this constantly to Spider-Man? I’m starting to become a salty comic book fan with the stuff they do to Spider-Man.


The issue ends with a kiss from Felicia and them goinng on the search for their next targets, White Rabbit and Kareem.

So what do you think about this whole Spider-Man starts relationship with Black Cat fiasco? Leave a comment below and follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more geek news and updates!


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