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Hyperion vs Galactus

Let’s check out this brief Hyperion vs Galactus fight that happened in the pages of Marvel’s Heroes Reborn # 2 by Jason Aaron and Dale Keown.

Now before we proceed with a look at the Hyperion vs Galactus fight, let me give you one big SPOILER ALERT

spoiler alert photo

Heroes Reborn # 2 opens with a classic scene of Galactus appearing on Earth together with the Silver Surfer…

And before he can do anything else, we see his brain matter get splattered around as The Squadron Supreme’s main man, Hyperior dashes through Galactus’ head like a speeding bullet, instantly killing him.

And why did this happen? Because in this universe or parallel universe, the Avengers were never formed. Tony Stark continues to be the billionaire weapons dealer that he is supplying the United States with weapons. Thor is an alcoholic whose angry and Steve Rogers aka Captain America was never thawed out of the ice.

And so far only Blade the Vampire Hunter remembers everything before things went crazy. Also the Fantastic Four never formed and never got their powers in this reality so Reed Richards was never around to deal with the threat of Galactus.

And they are not afraid to take lives apparently, this Squadron Supreme.

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