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#GamesCom2022 – Dune: Awakening, an Open World Survival MMO announced

Revealed at #GamesCom2022, is a new Dune game titled Dune: Awakening which is marketed as an “open world survival MMO”.

Check out the tweet below:

Check out more screenshots from the game’s trailer:

The game is set in the planet Arrakis, the same setting for the films including the recent movie which starred Timothee Chalamet as the protagonist Paul Atreides of the noble house Atreides.

This game trailer speaks volumes especially since its already poised to give players a chance to square off against a ferocious Sandworm while wearing the series’ classic “stillsuit”.

Funcom also shares that this will be set thousands of players where players also need to build their own shelters as well as explore the world with various vehicles. And if you find harvesting fun, they also covered that with a game element for harvesting spice.

The game is exclusively released for the PC with no official release date yet. We do get a website where we can sign up for access to the game’s beta version. Click HERE for sign-ups.

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