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#GamesCom2022 – Dead Island 2 gameplay trailer reveals new mechanics and scarier stuff

Here’s a look at the Dead Island 2 gameplay trailer which was revealed at the #GamesCom2022 Opening Night Live Event!

Check out the Dead Island 2 gameplay trailer as revealed Gamescom 2022 after the cut.

This open-world game long thought to be “dead” (no pun intended) will be released February 3, 2023 and is set this time in Los Angeles. The game will also let players choose from six characters. For this Dead Island 2 gameplay trailer, we follow the life of Jacob as he goes shopping around Beverly Hills.

The game lets you slay zombies with different inventive killing tools including melee weapons, guns and firearms and traps. Players can upgrade their characters through the use of skill systems which was according to reports, was rebuilt from the ground up

According to Ayesha Khan, the lead narrative designer for Deep Silver:

Dead Island 2‘s gameplay is all about experimenting with your preferred zombie-slaying methods, just kind of going nuts.  It’s a combat toybox of close-quarters melee brutality, with a few guns for fun.

Lastly the game is likely going to let you play with up to three players via the mulitplayer mode.

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