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Next X-Men event will focus on Mister Sinister in Sins of Sinister

In January 2023, Sinister wins against the mutants in Krakoa in a new X-Men book crossover titled Sins of Sinister!

Check out the first promotional image / teaser for Sins of Sinister down below.

According to Marvel:

A new world. A new disaster. How twisted will mutantkind become when Mister Sinister achieves victory? ♦️ ‘Sins of Sinister’, a new crossover, is coming to the X-Men titles in 2023. #MarvelComics

This is definitely one of the things that Mystique’s wife and mutant precog Destiny saw in her vision of the future in Immortal X-Men # 3.

It’s still a long while but it’s an interesting read especially since Nathan Essex aka Mister Sinister has been very active with his own stuff as far back as House of X / Powers of X.

If you read all those text heavy pages from House of X and Powers of X, writer Jonathan Hickman outlined one timeframe that’s directly connected to Krakoa and its eventual downfall and in it, there’s a passage where we learn that at some point in time Sinister started developing “chimera” mutants, beings that have have more than one mutant ability including the future X-Men members namely North, Rasputin, Cylobel and Percival.


Let’s hope that Sins of Sinister doesn’t drop the ball and instead continue to enrich the Krakoa age of the X-Men. Also while they didn’t announce a creative team yet, I’m thinking this could be spearheaded by Kieron Gillen who is writing Immortal X-Men and currently waist deep in Avengers/X-Men/Eternals: Judgment Day shiz.

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