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X-Force # 1 ends with a surprising death (X-Force # 1 Spoilers)

We’re here to talk about the excellent X-Force # 1 which came out last week. I’m thoroughly impressed with the writing and the art from the book and you can read my thoughts via this review. For this post though, we go through some major X-Force # 1 spoilers which focuses on a very surprising death.

Before we proceed there are massive spoilers here so if you don’t want to be spoiled, you can check out my X-Force # 1 review instead.


Still here? OK let’s do this.

So there’s a surprising death at the end of X-Force # 1 by Benjamin Percy and Joshua Cassara and its none other than Professor X aka Charles Xavier. What happens is that a group of anti-mutant operatives (presumably the Purifiers) breach the mutant nation of Krakoa where they proceed to murder a number of mutants.

Wolverine and the personnel responsible for “securty” are caught off guard from the attack. They react rather than be proactive with this breach including Wolverine and Beast. Jean Grey’s psychic powers are also bypassed by these attackers.

So far, the only mutant who gets to Xavier before the attack goes down is the surprisingly interesting Black Tom Cassidy, who also acts as the island’s groundskeeper.

As the bodies begin to drop, Tom orders to Charles to run as far away as possible while he takes care the invaders.

Its too late for them however as one of the anti-mutant personnel manages to corner Professor X before any of the X-Men reach him; in this case, the three mutants in the closest proximity to Charles are Wolverine, Beast and Jean Grey. Yet all of them are too late.

So there you go, major X-Force # 1 spoilers! The issue ends with a big shock, with Charles Xavier dead and his Cerebro helmet shot up and in  bad shape.

This makes for a good read next issue. Also mutants aren’t that fazed with death anymore especially since they have the means to cheat death over and over again with the help of the Resurrection Five.

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